Crony Capitalism in a Venn Diagram

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    Wasnt that diagram a piece over @ ZH on Monday?
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    I think it belongs to . Very nice in any case. Go to that website and you can see others like it. I'm sure these diagrams, if they are not already, going to be a Tee Shirt designs soon.

    Nothing wrong with the government hiring folks who have a background in the corporate world, but things have gotten very unbalanced, and you don't what these folks anywhere near a position where they can directly affect regulation of the industry they came from. Their has to be an arms length relationship. Ultimately you have to have people that are totally disinterested making the final decisions. We don't have that in the U.S., of course.

    Marx foresaw these problems of capitalism, and his writing is nearly as valid to day as in the 19th century. He didn't until later recognize the defects inherent in socialism, and especially communist dictatorships, socialism's most pernicious manifestation. The rotting from within of extreme U.S. capitalism is just as predictable and seemingly unavoidable as the rotting from within of extreme communism. It seems the only way societies like these can save themselves is to move away from the extreme. The struggle between the working class and the monied class goes on today, just as it did in Marx's time, with one side or the other gaining the upper hand for a time only to eventually cede control to the counter faction, often with war, revolution and bloodshed intervening.

    You might think naively, as I once did, that the advent of the information age and the internet would put a stop to these struggles, and particularly senseless wars, and that the working class and the monied class would learn to cooperate to everyone's benefit. I realize now that i was quite wrong about this, and that there is something ingrained in the nature of the Homo sapien that will make willing cooperation between the classes impossible unless evolution of the species eventually changes our fundamental nature.

    Until that happens, if it ever does, it seems a fairly safe bet that the nations that have the best mix of capitalism and socialism will be the most successful, whereas those at the extremes, such as the U.S. and the old Soviet Union are bound to eventually fail. Interestingly, China seems to be rescuing itself by moving toward the ideal mix, though they have a long, long way to go. Also the Scandinavian countries seem to have come fairly close to the ideal, judging from the health of their economies and citizens.

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