Croatia to Sign EU Accession Today

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  1. The European Commission announced that the accession treaty will be signed on Friday morning on the margins of the session of the European Council.

    Presidents or Prime Ministers of all 27 EU member states will sign the treaty on behalf of the EU.

    The Croatian government announced that Croatian President Ivo Josipovic and Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor, who recently lost a general election, will sign on behalf of Croatia.

    After signing the treaty, Croatia will attend the EU summit as a monitor. It will be the first time that Croatia has participated in a session of a European summit.

    Its representative won’t have a right to vote until Croatia becomes a full member state.

    Croatia’s representative at this summit will be Prime Minister Kosor, the Croatian government announced.

    Croatia started accession negotiations six years ago in October 2005. They have been the longest negotiations of any of the 12 EU member states that have joined since 2000.

    After signing the accession treaty, the Croatian parliament, the Sabor, has to ratify it by a two-thirds majority. Croatian citizens then have to approve EU accession at a referendum, which is widely expected to take place in February 2012.

    According to last poll, published on November 29, about 61 per cent of voters support joining the EU. During recent months, as the prospect of membership became closer, support has increased by more than 5 per cent.

    Croatia joining "the Club" at the height of its crisis... :D
  2. good luck croatia.

    you will need it. fianlly germans have their own turist spot. actually second. After greece.
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