CRNT and TBSI-30% per month

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  1. both are up 7% high will they go....why not jump TBSI since $15 in May and just got in CRNT at $14k...2 of the sweetest stocks out there and consistent to boot!!!!

    Opinions appreciated!
  2. thanx monkey! Both are up nicely for August....25%... so far soooo good!

    They're both great stocks to hold even day trade some when market's choppy! They're each good for 20-40% monthly so far!

  3. Appreciated? Are you sure?

    CRNT, in markup. Having bought it at $6 or single digits would have been "luckier". $2 even better.

    TBSI, for me, price history too brief to draw a conclusion. Tankers/freighters domiciled in Bermuda isn't too unique. Yet officer salaries are ambitious as if they were. Age of the fleet unknown. But, the stock is running.

    Ever watch the Baltic Dry Index? Might want to start.
  4. i posted CRNT for you guys on friday that it was going to be number 1 on IBD 100. that attention has really given it a kick. csco helped as well but it was all about IBD.
  5. take profits in CRNT,no doubt they downgrade it anyday as it has surpassed or reached all price targets. let it come in a bit then load up because the street afraid of eating crow will then upgrade again and raise targets to the high 20's then repeat the process.
  6. Efficiency, you summed it up nicely..."But, the stock is running." and that's all that matters unless of coarse you are looking to invest!! Scooped up 15% in 3 days on TBSI. Looking to do it again! Makes nice moves! Made nothing but green on this stock.

    CRNT is good & steady above 15 day MA. Lucky!
  7. Yep, it's running. For the moment. Virgin territory. Problem is, insiders don't have their money where your's is. Inconsistent with both lofty salaries and fiscal performance. I seem to remember playing musical chairs in grade school.

    Are the ingredients there for a parabola?

    More impressed with CRNT, but no, not looking to invest. I don't invest, and I trade only what I follow.

    Remotely curious why you select a 15 day MA.
  8. It's running nicely since $5.00...up 500% for the year! I find it easier to swing trade or day trade a stock like this that's predictable and trending with nice big daily moves up or down.

    Even though it may be for now...doesn't matter...nothing lasts forever...and when it does we move on.

  9. here we go again! Anyone else making money on these two.
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