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  1. Last week shorted 104 took profits at 97...Now looking to get back into a short during Wed and Thursday hope to get a cost average around 103 to 105. Follow along and let's play. I will be holding through earnings as I typically do. This is a 3 to 6 day trade. Goodluck.
  2. Did not get fills yesterday, re-entered new short positions between 108.50 and 111 today and already down $3,500. CRM closed at 112.75 +16% Let's see what Monday brings.
  3. sumfuka


    Damn, that sucks. I wanted to short @ 99. But the Magic 8 Ball told me not to.

    Good Luck.
  4. gobar


    earning and outlook was pretty good which means stock will go to 120 before moving back unless market tanks

    same thing happened with PCLN. 285 and 1 week after that it touched 310.
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    from 7/9 to option expiration, it seem like a head and shoulder. But the trend was hh/hl for a while. price action seemed hesitant, thats why shorting made sense. But sometimes shitty luck happens.

    Everything seemed too good to be true, hence I skipped out.
  6. Added to my short position today in the 112s. And now we get this jewel, lmao, the kiss of death via Cramer CRM advertisement

  7. banked half of position at 109.70

    Still Holding short 1000 shares cost avg 111.47 Target 103
  8. arickwon


    how the hell did you find the day low? If you held onto it any longer you would have been at a loss again. Good play, but damn, pretty lucky.
  9. I think it went lower than that, I was looking to close half in the morning and just sold based on watching the ticker... I reshorted 500shares between 112.8 and 113.3. I have been keeping short exposure at these levels but the price action gives you an opportunity to raise your cost average everyday, todays action was near identical to yesterday but a weaker close. Goodluck