CRM as a day trade today

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by trader2000, Jan 21, 2009.

  1. with a stop just under 25.85. looking for CRM to hit the 27.45 area. IBM may give these software companies a bit of an INITIAL boost today. low risk set up with a very high return. at least from a day trading perspective.
  2. in at 26.36.
  3. Amtech notes CRM is becoming more cost conscious (26.05 -0.02) : AmTech notes that CRM has recently canceled two marketing events; this should help curb expenses over the next several quarters, and they anticipate further spending cuts in FY10. Although they believe CRM is performing relatively well in a tough macro environment, several business partners report more challenging business conditions as compared to several months ago. However, they believe the co will meet its rev guidance for 4Q09 (January). ORCL highlighted several competitive wins on its latest earnings call, boasting incrementally better win rates against CRM. They are lowering their rev expectations for FY10 to $1.31 bln from $1.36 bln, primarily due to a more challenging demand environment; but they are raising their FY10 EPS est to $0.49 from $0.46 (consensus $0.51 on 1.34 bln) as they anticipate more stringent cost controls in the near future.
  4. CRM trading in a range

    looks like a long above 26.60 today
  5. just sold at 26.94. i mentioned a stop "just under 25.85. i put one in at 25.79 and the low was 25.83. hows that for chart reading lol...seriously,as i said i was in a 26.36. it was'nt acting so strong so i sold. it still may hit my original target of 27.45 but this was tough money. gonna walk away.
  6. of course, CRM hits my 27.45 target right after i sell...i'm supposed to be a pro and not get angry. but i am!!!