Critique My Report

Discussion in 'Trading' started by esuperbo, May 8, 2006.

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    I was thinking of putting something ridiculously controversial in here to get people all fired up and critical, but I might not get the feedback I want... I'm hoping for less four letter words and more general feedback.

    Yes I realize my dataset is too small and it's (borderline?) curvefit. I'm looking for critique of the overall method of analysis and my composition.

    Quick background - 22 years old, civil engineer in training at Waterloo in Canada, this is my work report and I'm completely sick of civil engineering reports at this point... hopefully I put enough work into it to shut them up and get the credit.
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    Alright I'm piss poor at attaching files, shouldn't have hit preview apparently...
  3. Can you sum it up into two sentences please?