Critics mock Palin's 'helping hand' at Tea Party speech

Discussion in 'Politics' started by tmarket, Feb 9, 2010.

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  2. the interesting thing is that she only took presubmitted, pre approved questions and she still needed to write the answers on her hand.
  3. It has been brought to the world's attention recently by Russian Bloggers that the creases on the palm of President Obama's right hand form a “bad word” in Russian. This gives a whole new meaning to “talk to the hand” since the waving of his right hand can insult you.


    stay tuned or google Obama's palm curse.
  4. The pre-occupation that the left has with Palin only goes to show the depth of their insecurity. They know that Team Obama rests on the head of a pin and continues to lose footing. Let me clue ya' lefties, if all it takes is a Palin type to knock you off balance, you have no business running the country.
  5. do you watch the comedy channel for serious business? no,you watch it because its funny. palin is a funny creature. she never ceases to amuse.
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  7. Sanctimony and vacuity are fascinating. Potentially dangerous, sure. But fascinating.
  8. Hey captin, Palin is on tv talking all the time, saying and doing silly things. Are we supposed to change the channel whenever she is in the news. The republicans put her out there to get attention. She is entertaining. Palin seems to crave attention and she's getting it.
  9. It goes deeper than that. The talking heads at MSNBC wring their hands 24/7 over what she might do or say. They're frightened that she might actually stumble in to some truth on occassion, and then what? Team Obama goes on the defense, that's what. Bottom line, they're running scared, Team Obama that is. Why is that? They're constantly on defense and can't get crap done even with majorities in both houses. Why? You can't blame this on the Repubs. The why is, Team Obama went a bridge too far whith their crazy ass heathcare bill which nobody understands or can explain. Their reponse of, vote for it first without knowing exaclty how it will work fell flat on it's face with the American public. At the end of the day it's been politics as usual, in spades, and they promised things would be different. John Q Public is just fed up with the bullshit. Palin taps in to that, and it scares the hell out of the left.
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