Critical mass effect begins as CNN headline adds fuel.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by QdzResurrection, Dec 12, 2003.

  1. CNN asks: will Dow 10,000 continue? So critical mass effect of this bull market just starts.

    100% up room to go without the pathetic Microsoft.

  2. swimmus


    Could lead to heavy selling to all the latecomers, imo.
  3. No, not too late untill the explosion really happens. CNN just says Dow builds on 10,000.


  4. Ebo


    They are cheerleaders.
    How can you listen to Ted David with his sprayed on tan?
    Bring out Ted Weissberg from SeaPort Securities, he is a real contra-indicator! Rick Santilli at CME is the only one with 1/2 a clue on CNBC.
  5. I thing the magic of Dow 10K goes beyond public media.

    An interesting thing happened overnight among all the newsletters ...

    Almost all of them revised their projects upward for the "expected" top.

    Some called for a top since June :)
  6. Yeah, I caught Santilli's take on the Note (yield) implosion yesterday on After the Bell. Liked it.
  7. the market making the cover of Time will mark a top
  8. maxpi


    Newsletters, gotta love 'em. I know a guy that walks around with newsletters in his pockets grumbling about his job and how he has to work longer until his portfolio makes a comeback!!