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    I turned my 100k paper account (I know it is blasphemous to cite paper profits) into currently 258k. I have been using ToS.

    I have been doing this using mostly trend following up or down (ahhh more blasphemy).

    Is there anyone willing to cast a critical eye as only ET can on my trades, I will email csv or another means of sharing these files with you.

    Two things I am working on is position sizing and risk management, I think I have been undertrading which is fine with me, and I also have applied somewhat arbitrary trailing stops or hedges so I would like to get more systematic with those also.

    Anyone game?
  2. if u have done so well why not crank up that system with a few shares and get off paper ? the said key barrier to becoming a successful trader is overcoming emotions and there is non with paper. if you are seeking absolute system perfection before you go live you might be in for a rude awakening when the market behaviour that gave you those paper profits changes drastically and then you will be searching for a another system.:cool:
  3. The results are obviously good. When you trade for real are you going to trade with the same amount of money? Are you going to take the same risks? You didn't mention how long it took you to go from 100 to 258. If it is less than two years then chances are you are taking way too much risk.
  4. First of all, if you don't have an actual 100k real money account...

    You are already at a disadvantage when switching from 100k paper money to the lesser real money trading account.

    Simply, simulator trading should simulate what resources you will be actually using and nothing else.

    That also means that you used the exact same simulator of the actual trade execution platform you will be using.

    With that said, you should also include with that trade file a screen image of your charts, broker trader execution platform (simulator you used) and anything else.

    Also, include the specifics of your trade strategy from entry to exit so that those trade result numbers you have actually become useful.

    If you do all the above, you are asking someone to spend a lot of time and energy to give you feedback on your trading plan...

    Feedback you will obviously use to try and improve your trading plan.

    Good luck and hope you can find someone willing to help.

    Other than that, I really can't imagine why you haven't move into real money trading...

    What's your reason. :confused:

  5. Mark, I'm dead serious when I say, yuor replies in threads are always worth reading!

    What I can't figure out is why yuo spend the time to do this?
    I mean, I'm gald yuo do because I invariably have something to think over with yuor replies!
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    I know these posts are a dime a dozen b/c I have read them myself on here many times. I hope it doesn't come across as me thinking I have the best new whatever and am the greatest gift to this b/c I am not. I am new, learning and have been pleasantly surprised given this market to turn what I have turned.

    Megabucks- I am not searching for perfection in a vacuum and then looking to run headlong into a vastly changed marketscape whence going live. I agree about the emotions and I think that a more systematic approach is helpful in mitigating those pesky things like greed and hubris. Thanks for your input.

    Holy-I am working on putting together both the equity curve up until now and the drawdowns and will look to post them when I run them. It has taken me roughly since Dec. 4th. While I agree with the lack of info I provided which is my own fault, it would be easy to presume that I have exhibited too much risk but I never traded more than 200 shares of any equity and never more than 7 lots of any futures. The futures were limited to Emini S&P, Wheat Future (June & July contracts), Soybean (Mar and May) and Gold Futures. Of course these weren't all at once nor are they exhaustive there are a handful of other equities that are relatively zero in returns.

    N- I am working utilizing all of those aspects of ToS, screenshots, etc. I will use this platform to trade as it has performed decently, and has a good reputation for robustness. I don't expect to find someone and nor will I depend on that before moving forward I was simply seeing if someone was interested. If not no big deal. I know I wouldn't necessarily be but give me 5 years. As for trading level, I will be trading at the same level, but want to learn and continue prior to going live. I am looking to backtest on some other market conditions to see how it stands in a little different market.

    Do you have any recommendations for software that is best for that, I have heard good things of Wealth Lab but haven't heard of many others?
  7. ====================

    Congrats on paperprofits. I still papertrade, even with other [real] positions on , helps keep me out of bad trades.....

    You need to put on 100 or 1 share ;
    & see how it does, big difference.Critical eyes will never take the place of you actually risking 1 share or 100 shares.

    :cool: :)

    unless you have an uptrend friend like coal,oil stocks.....

    Wisdom is profitable to direct
  8. I don't think you give yourself the proper credit.

    Simply, you sound more ready to trade with real money than most new traders I meet online.

    My personal opinion, you are ready to try real money trading with your trading plan via a small position size.

    Thus, I wouldn't continue with the simulator unless you already know there are problems with your trading plan.

    Simply, if you believe things are going well...

    It's time to make some money or lose some money and learn from it.

    I'm also implying that if you start getting feedback from outsiders...

    You may start second guessing things or tweaking stuff prior to any real money trading...I've seen such happen too often and trader will then continue with the simulator while trying to perfect things even though they won't admit to such.

    Thus, trade with real dough now and document it with as much details as possible...

    Then ask for feedback on your simulator results and real money results.

    The feedback will be much more valuable.

  9. buybig


    rather than trash talk...

    what are you trading?

    did i miss it?

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    N- Thanks for the input. I will soon be live b/c I think like you said if all things seem to be going ok. I am leaning on risk management, and position sizing to keep my downside minimal which I think will make up for inexperience.

    Puppy- I don't think I trash talked anyone...if so that wasn't the intention at all. I hope it didn't come across that way.
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