Criteria for Hiring a Trader?

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  1. A lot of people on this site seem to be angry at firms for only hiring Ivy league graduates for trader positions. These firms get 1,000s if not 10,000s of resumes a year. They can't waist their time interviewing everyone of them.

    So if you don't like their criteria, what criteria would you use to narrow down the amount of applicants to interview? You need to narrow it down from 1,000s of resumes down to 100. Realistically what do you think would be the best way to narrow down the field, not a criteria that you personally would meet and would get you an interview. If you were in charge how would you determine someone has what it takes to make a good trader?
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    blown up twice in their life...


    40 or over...
  3. what is even the point.. it isn't like anything is going to be changed because of a thread up in here.
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    You have a closed mind.
    Not a good trait for trading the markets.

    There is nothing with wrong with some creativity and maybe the right person will read this thread and improve their hiring process.

    Good Luck!

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    let's remember that ET is a discussion board. people create topics for discussion. if some nugget from a thread or post produces a change, so be it. how many posts would remain if the post/topic had to have unanimous support that a change effect was inevitable as a direct result of the post/topic?

    also, and i could be completely off, but Ripley's post seemed to be more reflective of a general frame of mind ... "What's the point?" if so Ripley, I hope you soon resume finding the point in things. if not, carry on ...

    take care :)

  6. What I have is a realistic mind, which is an exceptional trait for trading the markets.

    Respectfully disagree, and what I do have is an openmind. Open enough and willing enough to not tinker with whatever criteria an interview committee may put forth for their potential applicants.

    Criteria for hiring a Trader is a crapshoot. You give a trainee class and some survive and some don't. Read Liar's poker.
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    One of the things the market has taught me is that anything is possible. I try to be open to all the possibilities so I'm prepared for it when it happens.

    Do you want to have an open mind to come up with new trading ideas? Or go with the current trading tools available since you don't want to tinker with it.

    Good Luck!

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    You ask a good question. If I was ever in a position to hire some traders, then I would look for evidence of discipline and a strategical mind set in order to narrow down the applicant pool.


  9. You have to want it bad enough. Bad enough to starve. Bad enough that you cry. You have to have a BURNING DESIRE. People will see it in your eyes.
  10. It's tough to see if a recent college grad with no trading experience can be a good trader unless you interview them. You have to see their desire and passion for what they say they want to do.

    I think the only way for a firm to narrow the interviews down to 100 from over 1000 by resume alone is too pick out candidates that have shown an ability to perform, whether thats in school (GPA) or in work related positions (Promotions, etc...). Also a business or Math background would help.
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