Crist disses McCain !

Discussion in 'Politics' started by kut2k2, Oct 13, 2008.

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    Gov. Charlie Crist (R) of Florida went to Disneyworld rather than campaign with McCain. :D

    When asked if he intended to campaign for McCain: "When I have time for that, I'll try to do that."

    DISS !!
  2. I've noticed Crist's absence. Weirdly just a few hours ago I was called by a pollster for the Florida GOP and asked my opinion of Crist and a few state reps ect. What I found strange was Crist doesn't run for re-election until 2010. IMO two things. Obama will carry Florida and Crist is worried.
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  4. Crist gave McCain a crucial boost before the florida primary. No doubt he thought he would get the VP slot. Now he sees McCain going down to a crushing defeat and wants no part of it. WTF does he owe McCain?
  5. As you probably know popular perception thinks Crist is gay. He certainly has the tanned, thin Roy Cohn persona down to a tee. Crist though announced his engagement during the VEEP sweepstakes/vetting and he must be really pissed. Good thing though is fiancé is both hot and friggin' LOADED.

    I figured all along Florida would be tough-to wit 2000-but the print media here AAA is as decisively left as anywhere else on the East Coast. On top of it the older demographic means LOTS of impressionable newspaper readers. Crist replaced Jeb with under 60% of the vote so he knows he enjoys a bit less than a shoe-in mandate. Wildly stumping for a candidate who loses your state can be costly.

    One aside: I've noticed local commentary to be far less Obama friendly the past week or so. Even the Miami Heralds SUPER liberal cartoonist Jim Moron took a tiny shot at him today. Oops we don't want to mention Obama and shot in the same sentance....

    Obama is already generating some buyers remorse.
  6. I've noticed the newspapers in florida are as biased as any I have seen. Palm Beach Post, Miami Herald, that rag in Sarasota, all are totally in the tank for leftwing dem's. You're right too. Unlike other parts of the country where people don't read them anymore, newspapers do have some influence with the retirees.

    I wonder if McCain promised Crist the VP or just let him believe he would get it.