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  1. There was a post this weekend (since deleted) that, to this layman, appeared to communicate a threat and be criminal in nature.

    I'm interested, as I'm sure others are, to hear from Baron what is/can/will be done to have the authorities track down and investigate the perpetrator(s).

    (To those still wondering, there was a post Saturday that included American soldier corpses that were gratuitously graphic, and were accompanied by threats.)
  2. seisan


    It's more of a sinister sign of the increasing fanaticism being displayed on the internet, IMO.

    I didn't check out the two websites listed at the bottom of that thread-starting post.
    So I'm not sure whether the post was originated by Al-Qaeda-type terrorists,
    or if it was from anti-war protestors using threats previously made by terrorists.
    ET could have been just one of thousands of Websites hit by a pre-planned strike.

    Besides the threatening statements, graphic, shown-to-shock photos of U.S. troop casualties
    (some possibly on military morgue tables), and American flag-draped coffins -
    it became apparent, that the post was made on Friday, at approximately 5 P.M. Eastern,
    which coincided with the U.S. Veterans Day airing of the somewhat graphic
    WWII D-Day film, Saving Private Ryan, on cable channel TNT.

    About ten ET'ers strongly objected to the post. Joe deleted it, as soon as he saw the Complaints, or PM request(s) to do so.
  3. Joe


    I deleted the thread immediately as soon as I saw it. I will talk to Baron to see what can be done about contacting the proper authorities. I believe this thread was targeted not just at Elite, but at hundreds of other forum sites.