Crime predicting surveillance cameras

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  1. Crime-predicting CCTV cameras introduced in UK for first time
    CCTV cameras which can 'predict' if a crime is about to take place are being introduced on Britain's streets.

    The cameras can alert operators to suspicious behaviour, such as loitering and unusually slow walking. Anyone spotted could then have to explain their behaviour to a police officer.

    The cameras, trained on public places, such as car parks, are being tested by Portsmouth City Council.

    Computers are programmed to analyse the movements of people or vehicles in the camera frame. If someone is seen lurking in a particular area, the computer will send out an alarm to a CCTV operator.

    The operator will then check the image and – if concerned – ring the police. The aim is to stop crimes before they are committed. If a vehicle is moving too fast or slow – indicating joyriding or kerb-crawling, for example – a similar alert could be given.

    Councillor Jason Fazackarley of Portsmouth Council said: 'It's the 21st century equivalent of a nightwatchman, but unlike a night-watchman it never blinks, it never takes a break and it never gets bored.'
  2. Welcome to '1984.'

    Orwell was a genius.
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    Minority Report w/ Tom Cruise

    Deja Vu
  4. Computers are programmed to analyse the movements of people

    I can't wait for the ACLU - racial profiling by computer program.