Crime, intelligence and race

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  1. If crime rates and intelligence are related to race, which race is the dredge of humanity?

    As for the top of the pile, which race is it?
  2. Lucrum


    YOU'RE race.
  3. i can only speak for the white folks. yes, they are very very dumb. :D

  4. And which race is that?
  5. Which subset of the white race?
  6. Lucrum


    Says the guy who openly admitted to marrying his half sister.
  7. the beer drinking subset :D
  8. jem


    now I have to step in. I have read enough.

    That is the most vile remark I have seen on ET.
    Beer drinkers are some of the best this planet has produced.
  9. Your race.
  10. Lucrum


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