Crime does pay

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  1. Unfortunately, this terror-based market manipulation is going to happen a lot more. Whether it's a bomb, a power outage, or some other catastrophe, we know there are people motivated to do this now.
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  4. Remember the proposal for futures based on terrorism events? That was laughed out of town. Now it doesn't seem like a bad idea to have events foretold in financial instruments.
  5. Let's just hope the knee-jerk reaction isn't to eliminate short-selling as a means to thwart terrorists making profits.
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    I figure that's the next thing we'll be hearing.
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    Bomb Europe, Long USD/CHF.
    Bomb USA, Long EUR/USD.
    Put Options.
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    What bunk. Don't you people look at market data beyond a couple weeks? Journalists sure don't. The British pound topped out in December, along with the Euro, and has been selling since May.
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