Crime and Punishment

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    "America locks up too many people, some for acts that should not even be criminal ..

    ...One American adult in 100 festers behind bars (with the rate rising to one in nine for young black men). Its imprisoned population, at 2.3m, exceeds that of 15 of its states. No other rich country is nearly as punitive as the Land of the Free. The rate of incarceration is a fifth of America’s level in Britain, a ninth in Germany and a twelfth in Japan..."
  2. Wow ... 8 years for choosing the wrong answer to the question "paper or plastic?" Insane.

    Good article - thanks for posting.
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    "Prison Without Walls

    Incarceration in America is a failure by almost any measure. But what if the prisons could be turned inside out, with convicts released into society under constant electronic surveillance? Radical though it may seem, early experiments suggest that such a science-fiction scenario might cut crime, reduce costs, and even prove more just..."
  6. No long before imprisonment of non-criminals is cheaper than imprisonment of criminal when there are more criminals than non-criminals in U.S.A. -- good guy stay in jail, bad guys stay out of jail.
  7. Legalize all drugs, NOW!
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    I don't know about all drugs. But according to many of these articles, a very large percentage of the people in jail are drug related.

    I strongly believe that is only a symptom of the real disease. The world is a wasteland of the spirit. People have no idea what to do with themselves and their ego. I honestly don't know what the answer is, but imprisoning every one in sight is throwing the baby out with the bath water.

    In the Christian bible, God eradicates most of humanity several times. This era reminds me mostly of,

    which goes to prove that man is on an endless cycle of this sort of thing. We have legalized homosexuality (I personally don't care). We now have lots of gay marriages and gay people openly throughout society. If we legalize drugs, is the end result likely the same, and do we care?
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    Nitro... what you expect from system,where even prisons are FOR PROFIT organizations? the more people in jail-the better for win win for everyone except us..the people..the taxpayers.. lawyers are busy...courts are busy..prisons are busy too..every single one of them-at our expense

    doctors in this country doesn't give a shit about your health..they have no incentive to cure you...because the medical system is for profit..the sicker you are-the better for them...colleges doesn't give a shit about your education(see thread about stripper)..just pay your money for overpriced, shitty education..can't find any job? comeback again..we will sell you some more..the list is pretty fucking long...pretty much everything is so fucked up on so many levels...
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