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  1. I missed this big move in the CADUSD

    I normally watch it and trade it but totally missed out on today's move. Hopefully someone got it.
  2. Awk! Less talk, more trading. It's still moving and fast!
  3. It's USD/CAD last time I checked. And I'm going long, big time @.1675. Last time it was this low was when Bush sr. was in the office.
  4. Nahh, it's still gonna drop.
  5. Looks like I was right. Are you still holding your position?
  6. I dunno how you claim to be right. I woke up and it's still .1685.

    And you're also still wrong about it being CAD/USD. And USD/EUR in another thread. Why do you quote pairs in reverse? Do you live in a bizarro world?
  7. FX futures soemtimes quote in that world you mentioned IVAN !

  8. Begone, foul demon!
  9. LMAO
  10. Just closed my very heavy (700,000 units) USD/CAD long at 1.1800 for 125 pips. You do the math.

    Cheers, "TheKin". Maybe try some Texas Hold 'Em?

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