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  1. Hi Fellow Traders,

    criag Harris Mentorship USD 6,000

    I attending a free webinar conducted by Craig Harris. He trades the FX market by using his method of the natural flow of the FX market, that moves in swings of 30 to 60 pips on a intra day basis, from swing highs to swing lows. He also uses alot of Stop and Reverse on his losing trades by multiple his lots size to to recover his loss.

    Please can you advise me whether this concept of trading is worth the USD 6K price tag for mentoring via a Skype IM?

  2. take your 6k, flip a coin and open a position at 20-1 leverage... let it float for 1 month.
  3. On his site:

    Three Months Live Trading: $1497

    (in pink of course!)

    Not a single pdf, image, excel spreadsheet.

    You might as well ask a hooker her view on "candlesticks"
  4. Experience traders,
    I have located some of Craig Harris strategy documents. Please can I have your feed back?
  5. doc 2
  6. doc 3
  7. TheMan



    yeah that looks great

    people who trade trade

    people who cant trade sell things
  8. So we have another fantasy educator, eh?

    Can people be really that gullible?:mad:

  9. can you tell me what is wrong with his original concept of the "Natural flow of the FX Market" ?

  10. Ripoff of Bill Williams stuff.
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