Credit Vs Debit Cards

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by kaciara, Nov 24, 2009.

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    They forgot about the merchandise/cash-back that many credit cards offer.

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    classic fraud
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    You can use your debit card as a credit card by electing to sign for the purchase rather than put in your PIN. Also, many debit cards offer airline mileage plans tied to its use.

    I haven't used a credit card in 5 years, have one, don't use it except to make reservations.

    Bought my car with it 3 years ago and the bump up in mileage jacked my airline status to elite, which I've had ever since.

    Much better than using the credit card.
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    Credit cards are a great tool - if used responsibly.
    Meaning: don't give them to your wife.
  6. Yeah which is nice. I wonder how long it will last. I pay my credit cards in full but I get

    #1 Free 30 day loan
    #2 cashback.
    #3 firewall against my actual assets.
    I just got 250 dollars credited to my creditcard.

    But I am probably the customer they do not want.

    I think the days of the free ride and then some will be coming to an end though. (no grace periods, annual fee,etc..)
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    nor to your secret lover