Credit spread recommendations for 7/19-7/23

Discussion in 'Options' started by l3randonf, Jul 19, 2010.

  1. What are your recommendations for the best profit:risk credit spread for the upcoming week? I am interested in the 500 - 510 OEX for the coming week depending on how the market opens. It is currently offering 88% probability to expire below the 500 strike.

    I am a newbie looking for insight on the coming week.

    Is there a blog somewhere that recommends the best credit spread for each week?
  2. uptickk


    I didnt see this thread until now but I put on a 500/505 call spread and held it to expiration for a nice gain. Although it was a close call on Friday.
  3. Yes, I did the same in my "paper money" account on trade monster. I'm still saving for the real thing. I think 10k is a good starting amount.

    On a side note...where can I go to learn more about trading options? All I really know how to do is use probability calculators with implied volatility to choose a strike that has at least 85% chance of expiring worthless.

  4. try this

    look for "How To Profit From Credit Spreads WEEKLY"

    also look at the thread here on et, some one said not to do this tatic, no reason given, but i guess he felt it is too extreme.

    also look at this thread on et, but the op says he is not doing credit spreads any more, look at the latter posts for his thoughts

    i have had some luck with spy credit spreads, have not felt confident with the index futures.