Credit Scores and margin accounts.

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by dylan57, Oct 30, 2007.

  1. dylan57


    Are there any brokers that arent real stringent with credit scores and getting margin accounts. Same thing with option accounts.
  2. MrPaul


    Credit scores do not affect your ability to obtain margin from a broker.
  3. dylan57


    How come I have gotten turned down for a margin account as well as an options account because of credit with scottrade? Is this just scottrade's policy?
  4. Actually the real question is why would anyone choose to use Scottrade as a broker. In simple terms, they suck. Find someone better. If you are interested in options, go through either Think or Swim, or Interactive Brokers.
  5. empee


    I beg to differ, I opened a Scottrade account and I have gotten equivalent or BETTER fills than IB. I opened it because of their flat rate and I'm trading enough size that the IB rates are expensive.

    I can say plenty of bad things about IB, but at the very least don't bash a broker who (so far) I've had no problems with. I've been using them for only 3 mos tho.