Credit Interest on Trading Accounts (IB, CyberCorp)

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    As interest rates have fallen over the last couple years, the interest rate paid on trading account balances has fallen like a rock.

    I have been tracking the interest paid on my IB and CyberCorp accounts, and IB is the best right now, esp. if you have a large account.

    First of all, IB gets good marks for publishing credit interest rates on their public website. Almost every broker publishes margin rates, but very few publish credit rates.
    0% for < $10k , Libor-50bps $10 to $100k, Libor -25bps > $100k
    (Libor is London InterBank Offer Rate, currently 1.84% see

    So for Jul, 2002 IB is paying about 1.34% for 10k to 100k, and 1.59% for > 100k. Compared to 3.512% in May 2001.

    CyberTrader (owned by Schwab) does not publish credit interest rates on the website. I had to view my Penson Cash History report to find out the rate.
    CyberTrader is currently paying 0.917% on > $500 , compared to 3.452% in May 2001. CyberTrader had historically paid close to IB, but over the last year, the gap has widened considerably, esp. if your account > $100k.

    For a real horror story, ETRADE is paying a piddly 0.20% for a Credit Interest Checking account 0.65% for a Credit Interest Plus Account.

    Compare this to my bank rates CheckingAcount 0.35% , SavingsAccount 1.20%, InsuredInvestment 1.6% - 2.0% (sliding scale depneding on account size)

    If anyone has rates for other direct access brokers, please post so we can compare.

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