credit crisis isnt over?!?!

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  1. No shit!!! I love how everyone thought it was "winding down".
  2. False bear rally! :D
  3. Please.... no one with real money thought that.... they just needed that last leg up test the 200 day moving average and fool a couple hopeful bulls. Technically the more people you can fool the more money smart money makes.

    A fool and their money are soon parted.
  4. HEAR,HEAR!!!
  5. Oh, well I cant dispute that!
  6. wjk


    And yet I could have sworn I heard the term capitulation on CNBC last week related to bank stocks.
  7. Hope its not over. Have a few more shorts I'd like to get in before the "fat lady sings"...
  8. Still waiting for the ABK and MBI credit downgrades
  9. the last legs of liquidity was injected into the system. it might take until after the elections for things to really hit the fan.

    2009 could be when all those derivatives start to cause major problems and the global economy takes a big hit.

    bulls slaughtered until 2011
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