Credit Crisis is OVER

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by hairdresser, May 20, 2009.

  1. Enjoy the short side guys.
  2. Damn the ignore list is getting big.
  3. S2007S


    Why do you remind me of stock-trder,

    and why is it that everytime you have a comment you never back it up.

    I want to know WHY the CREDIT CRISIS IS OVER in your opinion.

    I believe its because you think the markets being up week over week for past 9 or 10 weeks that everything is just fine and dandy.

    What you don't believe is that this is just a bear market rally and swings of this sort do not last very long.
  4. They are lasting plenty long.

    I am making = you are losing.

    I like that.
  5. "hairdresser."


  6. He is stock_trder for sure. See also the thread(s) provoking the bears. Leave the bears alone. LET THEM HIBERNATE FOR THE SUMMER!
  7. I really enjoy when the shorts get smug and self-righteous.

    This couple by the DOOM AND GLOOM thread headlines makes me look for big rallies.

    Working well I might add.
  8. Smurfie


    Seriously guys ... hairdresser not only said the credit crisis is over. He put the word "over" in capital letters and he didn't put it in the post but in the headline. Each of these alone makes it double true, so now it's at least like quadruple true. Everybody knows that.

    Also he said he's making money. Everýbody who says they make money actually does. Think about it. It's not like the internets are filled with clueless dorks claiming to be succesful while actually being betrayed by their inability to put together even the simplest logical argument. If such guys were out there, I think we'd know by now.

    I say go long. hairdresser has shown us the way and for that we should thank him and not doubt his powers of deduction. Gift horses and all that.

    The credit crisis is OVER! :)



    PS: Edited to include smiley which just proves the point yet again. It's happy. See?
  9. He's right 2yr swap spreads have gone from 160 to an almost normal level of about 40