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    There are like a billion of them. What is the best credit card to get? I am mainly concerned with getting as much back on what I spend as possible I.E. cash back or rewards etc.
  2. what i did was use the gm card until i built up 2500 in credits then switched to an capital one air mile card with no airline restrictions.
  3. (1) Own atleast one Visa AND one Mastercard with a generous cashback bonus. (2) A Discover Card is good for getting cash advances at grocery stores (depending on where you live) instead of using an ATM. (3) If you're highly loyal to a specific retailer(s), get their card(s) because you can get more generous cashback bonuses on their merchandise, coupons, invitations to private sales and advance notice of special open sales. (4) Try to avoid airline and automobile cards. If your loyalty changes and/or bankruptcy happens, you could get stuck with points you don't want to redeem and/or lose all of your points and be left with nothing.
  4. yeAH 3% towards the Hummer....3k max if I remember...wish I could get certified pre-owned but new only...

  5. Did you know limits above 5k increase your credit rating...well for citibank it does...
  6. The American Express black card is the way to go :D
  7. I use Chase for my business card. They have a nice one with no max per year on your rewards. You get a little less than the one with a cap, but if you spend a lot, it's a much better deal.
  8. I like credit cards. People that make interest payments are the source of my interest income. Please everyone use more debt and run interest rates higher. Thank You!
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    cHase is probably da best.
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    or maybe even discover.
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