Credit Cards Slash Risk by Reducing Limits

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  1. Millions of Americans are getting unwelcome mail from their credit card companies: credit limits are slashed, sometimes by more than half.

    These notices are even going to people who’ve never missed a payment, still have good-paying jobs and keep their card balances well below the limit.

    So what’s going on and what should you do if you receive one of these letters?

    Hum...spend less ?:D
  2. A new study by Fair Isaac, the creator of the FICO credit score, shows that 11% of U.S. consumers, about 22 million people, had their lines cut or accounts closed even though they pay their bills on time and have good credit. This is more than double the 5%, or 10 million consumers, who had blemished credit and saw their lines reduced in that same period, the six months ended last October.

    As more lenders tighten up on credit, consumers can't afford to be complacent about their scores, Ulzheimer says. By the end of 2010, banks will slash $2.7 trillion of credit on cards, estimates bank analyst Meredith Whitney.

    Fair Isaac says its analysis is ongoing. It plans to release additional findings in June.
  3. As Rosenberg said, US consumers are embarking on a secular shift from "frivolity to frugality" :cool: