Credit cards are up to something sneaky

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  1. So last week I lost the credit card that i use for all my daily purchases, so I had to wait for a replacement. Then a few days ago my car broke down and i took it to the shop and had to pay 1000 bucks. Since I lost my everyday credit card and was still waiting for it in the mail, I had to use a credit card I havent used in about 6 months (no balance of course) Anyway...I paid the 1000 dollars yesterday and because i dont like having a balance on that card I decided to pay it off today. So as I go to pay it off, I see that it says the due date is 1 week from now. So the credit card was only going to give me 8 days before it started charging me interest! I'm lucky I checked and I cant believe they started doing this. This is pretty much going to ruin the whole purpose for having a credit card. Unless you are someone that gets paid every week, they are going to get some interest payments out of alot of people.
  2. Nice to see in such a cold universe, someone is interested in you.
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    The CC Companies want one thing and one thing only. They want us to screw up. Simple as that. They do not want us to be sorry for being late on the payment. They want our money. Why is it a surprise?

  5. You've had a bad run of luck. Is this week turning better?
  6. In the future, read ALL correspondence, in detail, from your card companies. They hide all kinds of stuff in the 20 pages of rules they send you when they update them. They EXPECT you not to read them.
  7. i love credit cards. i make money off them.
  8. That is your billing cycle maybe? For example the credit card cycle is for the month. That cycle for example is maybe from the 10th day of one month to the 9th day of next month. So maybe when you charge $1000.00, you do that on the end of that cycle?
  9. how? :confused:

  10. You can get the (cash back rewards points). They give you money on % you charge. Then you pay the whole balance every month so you you can have no interest charge.
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