Credit Card needed to change ebay personal info??

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  1. I need a 30 GB Video Ipod, so I go to

    My username at ebay is a few years old, and the email address in the 'personal information' section of my account is stale. I want to track a particular auction so I go to the 'My Account' section and log in and ask to change my email address.

    They say sure, but first - give us your credit card information!!

    What in the hell?

    I recently spent a lot of time at Anandtech and HardForums because I was buying parts for my computer build and I heard so many horror stories about PayPal and the way people can defraud you using it. Guys have had money charged back to their credit cards, all kinds of weird scams involving PayPal and apparently Paypal is just renegade about placing the blame on users.

    When I registered at ebay a few years back, they never asked me for cc info. If I go register a new member name, will they ask me for a cc? I do not see why I should have to place my cc info on their server when all I want to do is be informed of the status of an auction I am following.
  2. Well... I simply created a brand new membership and once I activated it, I was able to click on 'watch this item' with no problem. No idea what the request for a cc was all about.
  3. Yeah, better to be safe than give your cc number.

    I don't know about you, but the number of phising e-mails I get nowadays is astronomical. The criminal element has gotten very good at making their e-mails look "official," replete with, for example, the logo of the entity in question, and clicking on a link takes you to a web page that looks very much like the official website.

    I've gotten phish e-mails purporting to be from PayPal, Ebay, various credit card companies, banks, etc., that look legitimate but are in fact nothing but schemes to get you to reveal your password, account #, etc.

    The ones that still get circulated and crack me up the most are the ones from Nigeria, where the writer claims to have deposited tens of millions of dollars in an American bank and is requesting my help to withdraw the money. Of course, in order to deposit my share for helping him, he naturally needs my bank account #.
  4. hi hap

    It would be really weird if this was a scam because I clicked on an ebay page to get to this page that asked me for my cc number.. unless... it was never an ebay page in the first place!!

  5. Hey Nik, if I were you I'd check with Ebay about that page asking for your CC. Find out if it's legit!

    Oh, regarding the iPod, I recently got a 4GB Nano. I don't need video and stuff, just want it for music. I also got the lanyard headphones enabling me to just hang the unit from my neck. I love it!

    Take it easy,