Credit Card Default. What's happening??

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  1. I know of no one who doesn't have a problem with credit cards. Complete default or partial is the norm.

    How is it in your town??
  2. I have no problem with credit cards. There. Now you know someone.
  3. Me neither.
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    ok . we have a few perfect people on et. i know a few people that have large cc balances and will be in default soon. it seems the 30k range is the norm.

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    I personally don't know anybody with CC problems whatsoever
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    This should speak volumes about jueco and his posse ... a bunch of freeloaders... :D
  8. My biggest problem is that my credit card company keeps freezing my card because they think it keeps getting "stolen" Why do they think this? Because I make about 50 transactions per month or so and I guess this is suspicious activity. Last week they called me and said they thought that my credit card number had been compromised and that they are going to send me a new card. When we went through a list of transactions, i told them they were all mine but they decided to cancel anyway just to be safe. I had no choice in the matter and i didnt want them to cancel it because i was going to miss out on my 2% rewards for the black friday purchases. I think they intentionally canceled it so they could save money on paying me my rewards.
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    while I am sure 25% or so of people default cuz they bouight too many 42 inch tvs, at least half default after being attacked by DRs.......

    I recently had a DR charge me $2000 for a ten minute procedure, then hit me for another grand almost a year later, that works out to $18,000 an hour.

    of Course the criminal screwed it up and I am now about to have it done again...even though it has a 99.7% success rate.
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