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Discussion in 'Trading' started by sammybea, Apr 15, 2002.

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  1. sammybea


    Cmon guys.. lets give ET and Baron some credit. They did not develop this website for charity. Its all about the bottom line. How many advertisers would really support a daytrading site unless they had something to gain (ie Bright Trading) If a company like Bright leaves, do you really think maybe Goldman or Merril will buy space? He HAS to cater to the people who are funding the payroll. I am sorry though that Hitman has to leave. He will be getting plenty of hits from me though.
  2. check out our newest member.
  3. Treykool


    True, but at the same time, they need people like Hitman to provide the content to attract visitors and keep them coming back. A website with tons of advertisers but no content is no better than my five year old sister's personal webpage.

  4. And for anyone considering the products of any advertisers, ET discussions have little value. Anything negative, regardless of truth, has been deleted.
  5. Hitman was welcome to share his trading journals and experiences here, until he started abusing the boards for blatent recruitment drives for his firm. He was warned about this once, to which he agreed not to post advertorials/recruitment pitches, then later ignored that agreement and went back to being a shill for his firm.

    It was not just Baron and myself who was put off by Hitman's behavior or disregard for the parameters set for these forums--I was often alerted to Hitman's inappropriate behavior by other fellow members, so this was not just an isolated situation.

    I suspect that if Hitman had spent a fraction of the time he spent doing recruitment drives on these boards actually working to make himself a better trader, he wouldn't have needed so badly to try to sell and bring other people in. But that's just my opinion.
  6. The main reason I visit ET is for Hitman's trading journal's. If they are not posted here anymore I won't be visiting again.
  7. Can Hitman at least have a thread dedicated to the Princess, if he promises not to use it to recruit traders... I miss the Princess stories...
  8. Treykool


    The REAL story is EliteTrader will lose many visitors. Simple as that.
  9. Sorry to hear that. We'll be sorry to see you go. As I stated before, Hitman was welcome to post his trading journals and experiences, as long as it did not contain sales pitches for his firm. He chose not to abide by those parameters set here, and his blatent disregard showed bad faith, hence his ID being suspended. Had he chosen to simply post his journals sans sales pitches, there never would have been a problem.
  10. Babak


    what content would that be? the churn/burn strategies that make brokers/firms rich? the pathetic princess whining? the screaming hard sells to join his firm? gimme a break!
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