Creature from Jekyll Island

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Cesko, Dec 3, 2002.

  1. Cesko


    I want to thank you for recommendation of "Creature...". Excellent book, scary too. However I think the book is stuck in the past IMO. "Creature" is slowly bleeding to death. Why? It's good to read "Sovereign Individual", I am convinced their reasoning is correct basically.
    Elsewhere you mention to be afraid of idiots running America, I think it might be a good thing since they won't know(bureaucrats) what hit them.

    P.S. Specially recommended reading for those fools who still think the socialism is a viable idea for humanity. They know who I am talking about. (Intellectual types)
  2. I think sovereighn individual is a blueprint for the way things should be in a perfect world. Its a libertarian book and sounds good just like the libertarian party platform. However, in real life fraud, force, government monitoring, and government meddling are deeply ingrained in us and are not letting up. So, I tend to vote republican instead of libertarian, and I will never give up my citizenship to become a sovereighn individual on the run in a dangerous world.