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  1. j2ee


    I like the most flexible trading system so choose to build my own, what is a good OS + programming + database to do so?

    Windows 7 + Virtual Studio 2012 C# + SQL server 2012


    Ubuntu + Java + mysql

    or any other good choice?
  2. just by your handle it sounds like your native language is java.. most would argue C# ... although i'm not a fan of windows.. even though i use it..
  3. Craig66


    It's all much of a muchness, I use Postgres on Windows it's free and doesn't have the size limitations that the free versions of sql server has. You can also use C# on linux/mac via Mono.

    I personally use C++/C# on windows using VS2012 express.
  4. oh and i'm just talking out my ass.. i'm new to programming.. but i listen to what people say.. . look at this tread..
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  6. j2ee


    May be Ninja trader finds a way to "fix it", but as an individual may be very inconvenient if IB doesn't official support it.
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  8. you don't have to tell us you wanna do it in Java.. thats obvious.. haha
  9. j2ee


    I don't really consider Java at this moment because seem like IB suggests API through TWS, which means I need to turn on the TWS. Then may be I better work in Windows environment? Then C# should have better performance and easier, faster development.
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