creating formulas for esignal

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Gordon Gekko, Sep 25, 2002.

  1. i have a very good idea for a formula that i would like to make for esignal. i can explain my idea in plain english and the concepts involved are very simple. i could probably figure out how to do it if i saw some common examples of other esignal formulas. does anyone have any links to sites with a bunch of esignal formulas?


    p.s. my formula would be used on advanced charts and would display a numerical value on the cursor window.
  2. Gordon,

    Give me your idea and I'll program it for you.
  3. aphie, go on aim.
  4. u130747


    I want one that makes a blue Background color if signal line on MACD study is greater than the MACD line. And a red background color if the signal line is below the MACD.

    Bert:D :D
  5. thanks bung.. i have an awesome idea, but i think i'm too stupid to program it. :(
  6. join the club baby, join the club...
  7. anyone here with good programming skills for making esignal formulas? i'll trade you a good idea for a .efs file.

    p.s. i invented my own indicator and i even named it already. haha THE FUNNY THING IS, IT'S ACTUALLY A USEFUL CONCEPT...AND I'M SERIOUS. you're gonna see this indicator built into charting programs someday like you see bollinger bands. you heard it here first. here's your chance to become a legend.

    for the record, i already figured out how to do all the calculations. i also have it written out in plain english. i just can't translate the english to javascript for esignal.


    gordon bollinger (no that isn't the name of it)