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  1. Under the provocation that interesting, thoughtful, knowledgeable and positive threads are beneficial for both website owners and readers. This thread is designed for airing ideas and thoughts that will result in the above types of threads.
    If it doesn't exist, all we have to do is create it.
    This will be more successful if, firstly we put our attention to ideas, and judge them after a period of time.

    Stating what we want

    "interesting, thoughtful, knowledgeable and positive threads"

    We want to achieve this, how can we do it? We can eliminate or ignore unwanted threads and or posters.
    We can encourage posters to behave this way. Can we put more thought into this?
    Any other ways?

    Here are some ideas that have been implemented

    -> no common free email addresses (i.e. hotmail)
    -> moderators

    Some ideas that others have posted included:

    -> Threads moderated by thread starter
    -> Need an invitation or permission before joining a thread, from a threadstarter

    -> Some kind of rating system, that distinguishes between desired posters and undesired posters.

    I have seen a 5-10 star system on other BB's. Where fellow posters grade posts and give posters a grading. We could spice it up by giving the different grades names, like 'market wizard' or 'ninja trader' and such.

    -> I also had an idea, moved from nitros post about invitations to threads. Perhaps we could create 'clubs' or 'communities' within elitetrader. If you join that club then you agree to adhere to a certain standard or a set of ideals, much like swearing an oath in a courtroom.
    We could create a number of clubs to suit different individuals. In fact anyone could create a club. You have the option to choose to only view posts from certain clubs, and to ignore others, or view all. A few clubs would form precedence dominating most of the membership.
    These clubs could also have there own way of dealing with posts that do not meet their club guidelines and ideals. Someone could be punished, suspended or even expelled from a club. Clubs could have a barriers of entry so as to avoid those not committed to the ideals of a particular club. Perhaps you need to be a member of club 'abc' and produce a certain number of posts before you can be accepted into higher prestige club 'xyz'.
    Clubs will create a stronger sense of belonging and bonding to those involved.
    You can be involved in as many clubs as you want. There could be a bright traders club, a new traders club, ny traders etc, in addition to the main idealistic clubs. The idealistic ones must take precidence.

    At the moment we have a rating system that rates quantity of posts. This may serve a purpose, but it also has a negative effect of encouraging quantity over quality.

    I know traders who could contribute but are fed up with some antics that take place here. I believe we have a chance not just to keep this the number 1 trading BB, but to create a vastly valuable community. Perhaps something we have not yet seen on the internet.

    If people could add other ideas that I missed or that they have thought of that would be great.
    All thoughts are good thoughts.
  2. I have promised to myself not to post what sounds good or what I 'think".

    Rather, I now post only what I know and have experienced for myself.

    Michael B.