**Creating a Website/Blogg** - Is it Worth it?

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  1. I'm bored with ET. I think if I were to put in the amount of time I spend on ET towards starting my own website/blogg I'd probably be better off and it'd be a better use of my time. And its probably a better way of expressing yourself rather than posting on ET and getting into or reading pissing matches.

    It could start of as a blogg with some links, articles, video embeds, and a lot of stuff I have already bookmarked.

    The thing is I don't know any programing or HTML. So I googled 'start a website' and www.web.com and www.homestead.com are the only two sponsered links so I'm thinking they're probably the best way to go since they don't require programing experience. They seem to by turn-key website solutions.

    And if I'm getting tons of hits in a few years, why not make a little bit of money from ads and sponsors?

    Anyone been there, done that, and have any suggestions?
  2. eblogger, much easier
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    become a better trader, you will have all the money you will need.
  4. Blogging and having a website are two different things unless your website is in a blog format.

    In additional, if you have anything worth while talking about...

    After a few years you can turn your blog or website into a business along with becoming a big source of your income (1k to 20k per month for top blogs).

    However, those top blogs weren't trading related.

    Yet, I did once find out that tradermike blog generates a good chunk of change for him.

    However, its important to know that such is for those that are already splitting their time between trading and blogging.

    I've seen some bloggers that were consistently posting a few pages worth of info every day for a few years for free.

    They were getting a ton of bandwidth hits and recently they started accepting advertising dollars from sponsors.

    Heck, if your already blogging for free and the content is great...

    Only a fool would refuse money from advertisers.

    I remember in Seattle many thought it was poor taste to accept advertising dollars to put Ads on the side of many metro buses...

    Many just thought the city should become more efficiently at managing its money.

    The city said no problem, we'll just raise taxes or fees to pay for all those additional new services you wanted.

    Suddenly, accepting advertisers ads on buses was a cool idea considering it generates a few million per year. :cool:

  5. it's extremely difficult in this market niche to be succesful with an internet blog/website. i attempted one back in 2004--2006 with major backing, marketing, partners, etc. we made money, but not enough to satisfy the investor. very slow growth despite many advantages. maybe you can pull it off. give it a shot

    if you want to do it for fun, its great and a blast. to make $$ its not easy.

    best wishes,

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    Well, it might help if you could correctly spell blog.
  7. Forget the blog for yourself..keep trading your rear off. Hire some eager college student who wants to learn about trading and is good at written english/internet..let the kid do the blog as directed by you. Delegate the blog to junior so you can stay on the trading and just verbalize to him/her throughout the day what you want done..also make him/her go run your simplistic errands too. :D
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