Creating a Group for lower fees

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  1. This is what i was thinking. If we can get a group of traders, we can get really good commission rates. I currently pay WAY too much per share, however, I found out if I do over 1/2 mill a day in shares - my commission will be very low. (at another firm) There is no way in hell I can do that alone - however, if there were a group - they said they don't care, the sum total is all that matters. What do you guys think?
  2. I am intersted to trade remote with them, and i am not
    licensed. I can trade over 200K shares/month.

    -How much minimum funds to deposit?
    -What leverage will be given?
    -Will the commision excluding SEC, will it
    be less than 0.40 penny per share?
    -which platefrom is used?
  3. 1) The minimum is $5,000. However, that is combined for the group :)

    2) In terms of leverage, it starts 4:1 and goes up to 10:1, as I understand.

    3) Definatelly!!!!!!

    4) They're own - which you can test out. As they say - it is the fastest possible - I think I agree with them - I tried the demo - stuff was flying fast!!!! But that's for you to decide.

    If you want the demo, and see it, PM and I will let you know how to get it.

    Actually yea, I want ppl to try to see how fast it is. It is supposed to be faster than anything out there, as they claim.
  4. what is the price per share for 100 shares.
  5. I guess you meant to say what's is called "minimum per trade"?
    which with most firm vary from highest $3 down to minimum 1$.

  6. Very low!!!! I dont want to post the price here - it will seem as I am advertising, WHICH I AM NOT - just trying to get a group together to get lower commissions.

    What I will say is this: The comm per 100 shares will be less than 20 cents!!!!!!
  7. sounds good. tell me more.
  8. Hoodooman, PM me, I dont want to post too much here!

    News on the speed of the system. My friend benched it against Hammer - seems to be much faster. Waiting for more confirmations.
  9. what are the ecn rates? are they marked up? Are the rebates passed through? WIll they hang the 7? CAn i get prop leverage of 30:1?
  10. I will answer what I know, the rest your should email their account representative.

    ECN rates are actual. ie INET (island) to add is 0.02, remove 0.03
    I have a detailed listing of rates from them, but that you can also get from them as well.

    You can participate in their LLC too, to keep your 7. That's what I will have to do myself.

    Leverage of that kind, I do not know: but I understand that if you have a good track record, then its possible. I suggest you email my account rep. PM me for his info.
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