Creating a game show based on automated forex trading

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  1. Hello. Maybe this is flat out insane, not feasible, or both. I've written a highly profitable automated system, large numbers of big wins, with very small and rare losses. I am so confident in it's performance in volatile or stable markets that I would like to help others out with the success I have had as well as market it to others.

    So of course there are the standard ways forex systems get productized these days. I am working with someone very experienced in this arena to help me make it into a commercial product. The automation program is a c# platform that uses optical recognition to automate chart based systems.

    But what's the outside-the-box way to advertise this thing?????? Just think about it: a game show based on an automated forex system. The real challenge for the contestant would be in choosing risk profiles, as I have defined them. And, for the lucky few contestants chosen for say, that week, each episode, would be spent asking contestants what was going on in the markets, but with all of the glitz and glamor of a gameshow: girls in bikini's carrying around huge print outs of trade history, balloons falling from the ceiling, cheesy music, the possibilities are endless! The host (me) would also give a quick rundown on the markets. So the challenge really, would be creating volitility profiles that I link to given pairs and market conditions. This is the only real variable I have in the automated system. Low risk pairs include chf/jpy. Higher ones include gbp/jpy.

    However, I could also allow the contestant to manually close a position entered by the automator.

    Session taping would start early, say around 6 AM. A position is entered, a bell sounds, a panel opens and the contestants position is displayed, along with charts and other useful information. The crowd responds appropriately to this cue. With my Italian gangster poofy haircut, I describe what is going on with the zeal of a horse race announcer. During times of no trade, which could actually be most of the day, the show will be edited to skip over dead time. When a position is closed, then we'd have the girls and/or chip n dale dancers come out dancing with the trade history

    Anyone wanting to be on the show must demonstrate at least some knowledge of financial markets and be willing to learn before appearing.

    Winners would have the chance to purchase the system after their profitable experience with the gameshow :)

    I also do web development and can create an nice drupal based site that could show all (pre-recorded) episodes.

    So am I crazy, high on crack, or what? If I'm not high on crack, why hasn't this been done yet? The thing is, such a highly profitable system opens many doors.


    :D :cool: :p
  2. lrm


    Ok... you asked... :)

    Yes, you're high on crack. This is a dumb idea.

    Not trying to be an arse. You asked. Remember? :)

    Take care,

  3. How about you first post your actual trading account results with this system?

    If that looks promising then we can discuss the crack you're on as it pertains to your game show idea.