Creating A Daytrading Watchlist

Discussion in 'Trading' started by VinMan, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. VinMan


    I am currently watching the DJ-30 for ideas daily. I am looking for ideas on how others go about creating a daily watchlist. I want to expand to capture better moves (although I like DJ-30).

    News based lists? Daily movers? Any ideas welcome.

  2. Dow 30 is a good list; liquid. Similarly any other liquid list is good.


    you are exposed to close to 1 correlation. In long stretches of time (months) when markets go one way or another your list will all look like 1 stock instead of 30 different ones.

    Another idea is to keep another list of diversified etfs. Liquid ofcourse. Say all the i-share series or pick a few from each sector/market groups. Add in few tickers from completely different asset groups (think.. gld, slv, bonds).

    I posted a list a while ago on ET of a somewhat diversified list i kindof trade and watch. But you should be able to get more ideas just doing a general search for diversified portfolios.. or use keywords like "permanent portfolio" etc.

    Good luck!