Create Your Own Expert Advisor in MQL5 Wizard

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by Fat, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. Fat


    The knowledge of programming languages is no longer a prerequisite for creating trading robots. Earlier lack of programming skills was an impassable obstacle to the implementation of one's own trading strategies, but with the emergence of the MQL5 Wizard, the situation radically changed. Novice traders can stop worrying because of the lack of programming experience - with the new Wizard, which allows you to generate Expert Advisor code, it is not necessary. The program will do all the work itself.

    Virtually every Expert Advisor consists of three independent modules - signals, money management and trailing stop. And because the modules can be implemented in various ways, there are a lot of possible combinations of Expert Advisors. Thus, you can construct an EA to your liking. You only need to specify the desired parameters and select the necessary components - and the MQL5 Wizard will do the rest. The creation of trading robots has never been so quick and simple. Only four clicks - and the Expert Advisor trading according to your strategy is ready!


    To what trading signals will your EA respond? What money management system will it use? How will the trailing stop be implemented? Answering to these questions, it is easy to get a ready Expert Advisor. After compilation, you only need to test the Expert Advisor that you have built of blocks, and then optimize it by choosing the best parameters. After all these steps, you will get a workable EA, completely ready to trade. It will trade in accordance with the algorithms of trading signals, money management and trailing stop chosen in the Wizard.

    The set of parameters and algorithms of the MQL5 Wizard will be expanded over time. You will have access to a wider range of possibilities and different combinations of Expert Advisors, from which you will be able to choose the one that suites your trading activities. However, even now it's difficult to overestimate the importance of this Wizard for the traders who don't have programming skills. It allows you to greatly simplify the process of trading robot development, creating different EA modules for you. A complete set of working tools for automated trading is now available not only to MQL-developers, but also to ordinary traders. Download the MetaTrader 5 terminal and see it for yourself.
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    Programming is not the issue with fancy platform like MT or NT or TS or whatever. The real issue is coming up with a good idea. You can auto-program a million ways to lose money with a wizard. Amibroker has one for a long time now. So what? It never helped me to make any money. It only helps when you have a good idea or edge to program.

    Just my 2 cents.
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    Unfortunately, we are just a software developers and MQL5 Wizard is a mean to make a way to MQL5 a bit easier. It would be good to post a news like "good trading ideas generator released", but i think that its impossible, at least for now. And still, i can guarantee you, that if we will invent that thing, we will build it into MetaTrader 5. No doubt. :)

    Have a nice trend!