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    Interesting. These systems are too simple though.
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    This does look interesting, but I would need to try to recreate my setups from NT.

    I wonder if you can also set times when not to trade like for example skip lunch time.

    I would assume you could modify standard TA code to add non lagging code.

    This seems extremely interesting. I wonder if I should open a thread here on ET, where I note my progress without giving away my actual code.

    The benefit for me is that I could have the strategy running over night while I am sleeping.

    Is their a forum where you can ask support questions like I can for NT?
  3. Looks kind of similar to Prodigio from ThinkOrSwim.

    I've used graphical "coding" tools like that in my engineering career. They are great for just slapping together a simple test case, but anything complicated quickly becomes an indecipherable mess (try coding some sort of state machine in that). The kicker is that if you can use one of those "graphical" aids and organize it well enough to do something even semi-complex, you've probably got the ability to learn how to do it in code.

    The graphical stuff is nice for program flow&debugging, but the ideal case would be to mix and match of code plus graphical. These type of tools allow you to do event driven graphical frameworks and write actual code in blocks. Add those capabilities in and you've got something new.
    I haven't seen anything like this in the trading world...perhaps there's not really a market for it, since similar tools in engineering land have some pretty hefty license fees. Open source is a wonderful thing, so maybe someday.
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    It looks like it does compile the code. At that point, I could go through the code and make changes before making an executable file. I would assume this would help me learn the code easier than starting from scratch, and reduce the time needed to get my strategy up and running.

    I would like to have a bunch of if then statements that would check certain conditions are true before executing a trade.

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    Specifically for Oracle and Goonier,

    But anyone feel free to jump in. Can someone tell me why a free program like Prodigio would not work if tweaked enough? I just downloaded it yesterday, you no longer need think or swim to play with it and since I dont know coding, am wondering if it is worth my time to learn in depth how to use Prodigio correctly? I dont hear of anyone making money on it in 2 years of posts here and everywhere else. Thats ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE! I have used neural network software that cost me a measly $200, that on paper got me a 90% annual return with individual stocks going back 2 years!(When I used real money of course it never worked well enough to get me to break even. Hmmmm.....)

    Anyway, since you 2 have such in depth backgrounds in coding and system development, I was hoping you guys might take a moment to tell me if I am wasting my time or not on Prodigio. Supposedly they have tweaked the whole thing a lot since 2 years ago when you need think or swim to use it.

    I am no novice in trading but you 2 guys seem like real pro's I can learn a lot from. Id appreciate any comments.

    thank you,
  6. you just answered your own question and the answer is correct.