CRDN - Ceradyne

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  1. Stock down into support and this is the first day up off the base.
    2008 EPS estimates by Wedbush out today too.
  2. Company announces HUGE $113 million dollar Army contract this morning for ESAPI.

    Now trading 54.40

  3. I love this stock. I got in at 19 almost 2 years ago.
  4. Powering higher again today, +$1.00
  5. Those analyst downgrades a few weeks ago provided everyone for the perfect entry point when the price dropped from 61 down to 52. Escpecially a few weeks before orders and earnings. It was almost like the analysts planned to downgrade just to drop the price so they could get in. CRDN has consisantly beat earnings almost every quarter I have been involved in this stock. I can't wait til the 6th!
  6. Actually, the 2 analysts that lead the downgrade ( I will refrain from naming names ) have not had a very good record following this great company. They have continually been left in the dust by management's ability to grow earnings and demand for their ceramic products.

    If you look at the short-interest report for the month of January and the timing of these reports, it looks as though there was a 1.5 MILLION SHARE INCREASE IN SHORT INTEREST just prior to the downgrades.

    Can you say hedge-funded "directed" research?

  7. Brian Butler at FBR "flip-flops" once again raising L-3 today back to "market-perform". This is his 4th change of "grade" in the last 11 months!

    This guy is a total moron.
    Stock +$2.12 today
    $55.58 last

  8. Now trading $58.70 and +$1.52
    Earnings out next week!

    The defense contractors continue to OUTPERFORM.
    AH +$1.67 too!

  9. Earnings out Monday morning with a conference call scheduled for 8AM.

    Buy the dips today!

  10. New CRDN Highs!


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