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  1. What do you think the chances are that Goldman was behind the infamous fat finger debacle to take the negative spotlight off of themselves?

    Am I nuts?:confused:
  2. My first thought.:D
  3. Yes, you're nuts, in case you were wondering.
  4. ok thanks. and i was wondering.
  5. Sorry, my post may have given you the wrong impression. No I don't think you're nuts.

    My first thought. Blame GS.

    My second thought was the butler did it. Hard to find good help these days.
  6. I think in the end the NYSE using their slowdown method will be the culprit from yesterday.

    The NYSE's liquidity disappeared but orders still came flying in ... I guess thats what you get when you send in market orders and leave stops in place.
  7. step away from the tin-foil hat.
  8. I think it could have been mass liquidation by the PPT or Fed.

    They have supporting this market by covertly buying futures and stocks since March 2009. All those end of day rallies was more buying.

    There had to be a point they needed to liquidate
    They knew the payrolls were going to be a pretty good number.
    They went flat yesterday.
    ...another crazy theory?

  9. 100% agree.

    Zero % loans to banks supported this market. Time to reap the rewards of free money.
  10. Crazier theory, Market got hacked from China.

    There are reports that North Korean leader Kim Jong-il has traveled to China.
    South Korean media say Kim Jong-il's personal train crossed into China at the northeastern Chinese city of Dandong Monday. The detailed reports say the North Korean leader is spending the night in the city of Dalian before heading to Beijing.

    What'cha gonna' do now, round eye?:eek:
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