Crazy, stupid or valid idea?

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  1. Hi,

    I wake up today with an idea that to develop a trading platform on a crowd sharing basis.

    I am an algo trader who still looking for the trading platform that suits my needs. I am sure there maybe others on the same situation. I am comparing between some plateforms out there but still i have to make a compromise at the end.

    I am assuming that i can find a number of algo traders who can agree on mandate requirement, we share a fund to develop it using a professional freelancing service. All will get the full open source at the end.

    I am also planning if i commit to this idea to make it very transparent and fair for all.

    My premature assumptions could be off , wrong or even naive but it is open for discussion once the idea shows ok.

    My assumption to get a platform better (open for definition) than OpenQuant or tradelink, we need something like 100k ( purely random assuption just to demonstrate my point with numbers), and we have 50 contributors. Each pay 2000 so we can have at the end a trading platform source code worth 100k with only 2000 payment.

    Openquant subscription is 300/month and TL has also commercial expensive glean.

    So, do you think this idea is valid or not?
  2. Getting 50 people to agree on anything in the real world is a tremendous challenge.

    Getting 50 nitpicking hair-splitters on ET agreeing to fund and spec out a community trading platform is asking for tremendous amount of pain.

    You might have more fun recruiting a midget to crawl up your backside with an oversized egg beater...
  3. Kickstarter. Make a good pitch and see if you get enough interest.
  4. Ok, let us step-wise it..

    The first 4 algo traders here who are interested ( only interested) in this project, please show your interest " just interest".

    Remember that all features of the project is open of discussion.

    Our 5, will be the first nucleus in this project.
  5. Good idea..

    However, i checked i found kick-starter require US or UK only starters. So, i am checking other platforms such as Indiegogo.

    Thanks for your positive input
  6. My initial essential requirements for the proposed algo platform:

    1- It will be written in real programming language such as C# , Java or C++

    2- It has to be broker neutral that can be linked to any broker using API or FIX

    3- Low Latency execution

    4- Fast backtesting

    5- It will be flexible for future build up and high customization.

    Once we get this 5 nucleus people, we can start our list of requirement and make it more and more detailed and defined. We can using voting transparent system to agree on the list in an open friendly environment. I can provide a website for that purpose.

    All that till now is just brain storming :)

    I am not sure what i am putting myself in till now but let us see where this thread is going. :D

    Again i am not a coder but only algo trader
  7. Don't waste your time. Speaking from years of development experience. Do something useful, cut costs, and forget the dream you had that morning.
  8. Forgot :D

    Done my friend..

    No dreaming now.

    Back to real life :)
  9. Unless he intends to create a tool for resale to others...

    But it'll need to be a kitchen sink app, that somehow fixes/improves all the other trading platforms out there (if your intended market is retail)...

    Or he can go institutional, but he needs to find what niches aren't being served in the market... Could be worth it, since his selling/lease rates would be 10-1000x higher than the retail market.
  10. Neither so i am out.


    Idea was just a bad dreaming..

    Sorry guys. back to work
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