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  1. on stocks today. wow, i've never had so many near death experiences in 1 day. If you didn't almost die with me, all u have to do is glance at a chart of:


    i mean, i'm about to just walk away from this day happy to be down only a few bills. my god.......
  2. well, i just got home and wow, my brain is just fried.

    When i think about what could of happened/what did happen, man....if this becomes the norm, i think i'll have to consider doing something else, because i'm gonna get run over if I have to keep picking up pennies in front of a bulldozer.

    actually screw that a bulldozer is missing your out 10-15 cents. man today they came with the hurricane...just instant 30 cent spreads up if you didn't get what little printed. (and i'm just thankful for what i got on my outs)
  3. someone looked at a chart and asked me, "whats the big deal. anr, wlt, nke, doesn't look like anything"

    well, yeah i guess it doesn't on a normal chart. but look at a tick chart. i mean on any other day i would just assume that if a stock with this kind of vol/and liquidity made a move from 40.00 to 40.30 that it would print 40.01-40.29.

    nope. the chart was like connect the dots...connect the dot from 40.01 - 40.30...i swear thats how it was...and on 3k-10k per play, wow....i mean could of just been a fisting. (looking back, i'm just lucky to have survived this nonsense...i mean i was just so lucky to be one of the first to take liquidity, that had i actually waited for a few prints, i'd of been smoked, which made getting the flip next to immpossible...unless you like paying offers/hitting bids the instant they come inside everytime.
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    It's just going to get worse over time. Big blocks are being traded in the dark pools now, and NYSE volume keeps getting less and less.
  5. how does trading in a dark pool have anything to do with the specific stocks i just mentioned, or for that matter, any stock whose display size is what it appears and is taken in a manner that provides for little opportunity long or short.

    in regards to nyse, what does that have to do with the stocks i mentioned above. maybe you know something i don't, because yes, while they are all nyse, i'm about 50/50 between nyse/naz (perhaps you know something that would explain why i've been more comfortable with leaning on naz orders aside from the obvious like geting lrped in nyse
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    "Real" large orders are being traded in dark maybe alot of that "displayed" size if a bunch of bullshit, that gets pulled before anyone can hit it. If you use market orders on stocks like that, and they pull the gonna get sweeped up the azzz.
  7. i thought about that once. what it made me think was if i've benefited from the luxary of stale orders that were"legit" in the sense that they represented someone who wanted to be filled (not necessarily a buyer/seller), then why on earth would they want to be less then obvious (they want to be filled) I couldn't think of a reason, if you have my belief that these orders aren't buyers or sellers, just someone that needs to be filled, the only threat is someone who'd want to spoof it.

    would an institution really waste their time on building a program to spoof a daytrader (seeing as how these orders are currently assumed to be them, that is until the big bad dark pool arrives in the future. If the orders begin to transact in a dark pool, would someone actually come in to fill this void in display size?. perhaps. would a discretionary trader really have the balls or bp to spoof this big? (i posted 4k aapl, 10k ibm, and actually getting filled and thats already 1mill. i mean, do you know anybody crazy enough/or even capable of posting 100k aapl or 200k IBM/NKE/ANR, and then trying to pull some fill then cancel nonsense?

    but i see your point. The other thing is NYSE. why would the situation i experienced today be more effected by a reduction in nyse volume?
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    With less volume coming into the NYSE, the specialist firms are going to hack the retail traders up for $. They have programs running the show now, so they are very fast. If they post a bid for 10K IBM and the next real size is .50 away, if you go market for 10K to sell and they pull the order, you just lost 5K. That's a nice lunch :D
  9. 10k ibm and the next real size is 50 cents?

    i guess the ibm of the future must trade like fslr........

    if you mean to tell me the specialist firm would actually post a bid in ibm for 200k, since the majority of block orders began to transact in dark pools (a.k.a no fear of being filled),, i guess that would be possible seeing as how they can do more reasonable things like 10k currently.

    i guess time will tell.

  10. you have no clue what you are talking about. have you heard of or ever used ecns?
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