crazy preacher: LOVES The Gay Oral Sex

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  1. No Justice, No Peace… Male Staffer Accuses Jesse Jackson of Sexual Harassment & Cleaning Up After Sexual Trysts

    A former employee of Jesse Jackson Sr. filed a wrongful termination complaint against Jackson. The openly gay employee claimed Jackson required him to perform “humiliating tasks” like escorting women to Jackson’s various hotel rooms. He also claims Jackson asked him for oral sex.
    CBS Chicago reported:
  2. I wonder why Free Thinker didn't post this story. :D
  3. hence Rainbow Push Coalition
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    You don't think Tinkerbell is biased do you? :D
  5. You are so jaded. :)
  6. This story has been banned in the national "corporate press."

    Huffington Post has a link to the story, but leaves out Jackson's bragging about gay sex encounters, and the propositioning of this male plaintiff.

    How can we say we don't need Wikileaks? The corporate press is currently checking it's Rolodex to see how profits will be impacted by this disclosure.