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    It seems you have one person starting NUMEROUS threads and posting hundreds of posts about Ivanovich, TraderZones, and Baron...and child porn, pedophiles, etc.

    I am guessing every time you delete him he registers a new alias and begins posting again. Just at my casual glance at ET over the weekend, I have seen it happen a half dozen times and seen probably 20-30 threads.

    Is there no way to completely ban this guy or find out who he is and report him to the authorities? It seems you are dealing with someone very unstable, and I would fear for your safety if he knows anything about you outside ET - which hopefully he doesn't.
  2. why don't you ask me DIRECTLY

    how did it all start

    Ivanovich started censoring what I the real trader can say ON DAY TRADING WEB SITE

    TraderZones joined him

    as for do I know anything, I KNOW EVERYTHING I happen to be one of those people with exceptionally high IQ

    not something you can understand
  3. I didn't censor anything since you sent me the PM making peace, or whatever you called it. Just another lie from you, I guess. Like the one where you'd pay me $5000 to leave ET, like the many, many times you've said you were done with ET, like all the rest of the lies you continue to spew.

    And TraderZones can't censor anything, since he's not a mod.
  4. some day, this site will hopefully understand that allowing free, unverified anonymous people who can spam or multi-alias without limits is going to destroy this site. cold/c-kid is just an example of what the future holds.

    Has already discovered that broker/book/software reviews can be hammered, as well as aliases.

    Some day, ET, some day, you will require at least - a nonfree user ID (such as, or a paypal ID, or a credit card with a tiny charge applied. This will mostly remove spammers, abusers, multi-aliasers, etc.

    This site may be running out of reputation time.

    In fact, one way to fix some of this, is not to allow reviews to immediately appear. They are submitted, subject to approval first by SOME kind of mod.

    Grandfather everyone who is currently here (except those who are banned or multi-alias like cold), and then have at least a minimal screening process.

    If someone is too poor to have a nonfree email account, paypal, credit card or similar, then they probably are not a trader anyway.
  5. Give me the SOB's coordinates, the bastard will never know what hit him.

  6. Agreed 100%.

    ET has become a total dump, and I would suggest that current advertisers as well as potential advertisers are finally coming to that realization.

    Baron made a serious miscalculation a number of years ago . . . and if it wasn't for pro-active Mods like Ivanovich ET would be in even worse shape than it is now.
  7. Eight


    I have a real high IQ, I understand. You are a complete asshole. There I made it simple for you...

    Wow a troll with an IQ, what next...
  8. If you did know everything you would certainly not waste a single second of time on any message forum posting the same shit again and again. This is how I know you are full of it :p

  9. Arkon


    I am Cold/Janson etc (the one you all hate without asking what's the problem)

    simple fact is that its all about the MODS

    MOD can not pass judgement on other traders especially when MOD (Ivanovich) doesn't trade

    MOD can not reveal IPs and locations of users

    MOD can not engage in stupid little fights with people posting pictures of tampons (Mod should be above that)

    MOD can not decide what squiggly line is technical analysis and what squiggly line is NOT TA

    Look toward Magna, Vikana, ChaosNSX to see how a proper MOD is supposed to moderate.

    of course you'll get people like me when MOD like Ivan starts throwing his weight around.

  10. Arkon


    rennick I like your old fashioned Classic American taste for cars.

    and your no bullshit attitude, but lets not forget something renny

    you use an online signaling service to trade the market, address I could post but won't

    if service ever goes down, your trading career is done

    you see Renny, I am smarter than you :cool:
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