Crazy Liberals: Don't Feed The OWS Animals

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  1. SoCal Street Cart Vendors Hurting After ‘Occupy’ Group Splatters Blood, Urine

    SAN DIEGO (CBS) — A pair of Southland street cart vendors who were forced to shut down their businesses after “Occupy” protesters vandalized their carts are hoping to get some help from local residents.

    The coffee and hot dog carts were located in Civic Center Plaza, the same location as the Occupy San Diego protesters.

    That group first settled in to the plaza Oct. 7 and set up a tent city which has since twice been taken down by police.

    Coffee cart owner Linda Jenson and hot dog cart operators Letty and Pete Soto said they initially provided free food and drink to demonstrators, but when they stopped, the protesters became violent.

    And according to one city councilman, bodily fluids were used in the attacks.

    “Both carts have had items stolen, have had their covers vandalized with markings and graffiti, as well as one of the carts had urine and blood splattered on it,” said Councilman Carl DeMaio.

    The damages will likely require at least a complete cleaning if not a replacement of the cart covers, DeMaio said.

    In addition to the attacks, the vendors also said they recently received death threats.

    Proceeds from the fundraiser will go directly to help the two business owners.

    After a relatively peaceful start, the “Occupy” movement has sparked violent clashes with police in Oakland and recently saw protesters push an elderly woman down a flight of stairs in D.C.
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    The liberals don't like it when their freebies are taken away. We all should bow before every liberal we meet and ask what we have that they would like to take.
  3. Conservatives want to keep more of what they themselves earn but the parasite class somehow "thinks" they're entitled to what others earn. Who's really selfish?
  4. Could we work out a deal where in lieu of giving the police raises, we let them put a beatdown on this scum?

    Actually, I can predict how it all ends. I would be surprised if the lawsuits aren't all lined up and ready to go. The protestors become increasingly obnoxious and unruly, leading city leaders across the country to reluctantly order the police to move them out. Then there will be rioting, etc and the protestors will claim they were beaten, their rights violated, etc. Then the inevitable lawsuits filed by dirtbag leftwing groups. Then the liberal city officials will settle them. Their liberal allies will get huge amounts of taxpayer money as settlements, legal fees, etc. The police will become the scapegoats and some will be dismissed, others charged with excessive force.

    This is exactly what happened in Washington, DC in the wake of the anti-globalization protests a few years back.
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    Ahh, the Syrian Solution. Good thinking there, AAA.
  6. The question you should really ask AAA, is did globalization help us, or hurt us?