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  1. I got forced to upgrade to a newer version of TWS and now I have problems with it showing me some crazy ass quotes for options contracts. For ex. Bid is 7.60 and ask is 7.80 then all of a sudden it changes to a Bid of 45.30 and and Ask of 52.00. I was thrilled the first time cause i thought i just made a shit tone of money but now its getting annoying. I have to close the app and then restart it to get this to go away. Has anyone else had this problem or know how to fix it in a more timely way?
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    Yes, I am experiencing the same problem. The last version that worked correctly for me was 870.2 (Mar 27, 2007). Are you trading through an API, or just through the TWS?
  3. TWS, Yeah I figured the version was the problem because I didnt have any problems but I could only find the 871.3 to roll back to and it still has the problem. Dont see why they forced everyone to upgrade to the minimum supported version the old build i had worked great since December. Do you just restart your app to fix? One thing that i found was that if you open the marked depth for that contract you might get the correct spread but sometimes that does not even work.
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    Yes restarting works temporarily, but it then eventually reverts back. If you are trading through an API (which you are apparently not) it is even more annoying. I have no idea how this glitch has lasted over two months without a fix from IB. By the way, what specific options are you trading?
  5. Wonder how long it will take them to fix this. Because its not exchange related, I used a backup account today and it was showing the correct spread.
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    was this on GOOG options?
  7. Didnt look at them today, myne were on FNM and EFA. Didnt look at goog today
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    same issue still ongoing, IB tech support is clueless
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    We have found the problem. It happens when you pull up a market depth screen for an option that we support in pennies. The problem is in our server side software and will be fixed by Friday of this week.
  10. To the people complaining about this problem:

    The people complaining wrote that they can fix the problem temporarily by restarting the TWS. Most such problems, which are either temporarily or permanently resolved by restarting the TWS, can be addressed much more quickly by using the ctrl-alt-R feature. Hit ctrl-alt-R, and it will reset certain aspects of the TWS without requiring a logout and re-login. Lots of problems can be solved this way. My bet is that whatever benefit they are getting by restarting TWS will be duplicated by ctrl-alt-R, but without the delay, disruption, and risk created by a restart. If this works, it would be a temporary measure until Friday, when the underlying bug will be eliminated. People should try this and see if it works.

    Oh, and by the way, before you hit the ctrl-alt-R feature, you need to click on a row to get a focus on any particular row of TWS.
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