Crazy Environmentalists Protest Wind Turbines

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    Thorium is not a rare earth, but is often found in the same deposits as rare earths. In their own mining China is stockpiling the thorium that is produced as a side effect of mining rare earths. China cut back on the exports of rare earths because it wants to reserve their rare earths for their own manufacturers. They'd rather export generators that use rare earth in their magnets than export the rare earths to some foreign manufacturer of generators.
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  2. Max E.

    Max E.

    Get short AAPL if you want another quick gain. Its rolling over. :)

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    Ratio back spreads? What do you suggest? I would not short a leader outright in an election year. At least not until August.
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    Hmm. I saw a review of the new Ipad that raved about the new screen technology. It compared the new and old Ipad screens as an HD tv sitting next to a cathode ray tube tv.
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    Max E.

    I guess i should probably say i was being sarcastic.... hard to emit sarcasm over the net.

    Too many people in the "short aapl" grave to count, i do think it should be good for a 60-80 dollar pullback, but im not shorting that thing, tough to be short just almost anything in this market, let alone aapl, the spy's arent even allowed to go down a dollar anymore.

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