Crazy drop today. Loaded up on NVDA

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  1. Most tech dropped considerably due to Moderna's vaccine doubts news . Facebook held up well against it from its announcement and I assumed Nvidia would hold up as well since their earnings is on Thursday. Didn't mind buying more shares as it fell at these prices. If the market is flat over the next two days I'm expecting a 6-10% gain between tomorrow and Friday morning based on today's closing price.

    Anyone else holding NVDA into earnings? Anyone have negative expectations?
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  2. What were your reasons for buying? Where would you get out if it goes up / down?
  3. I had my assistant do inventory checks across North America and a lot of private computer shops are sold out of a lot of common nvda gpu's and a lot of consumers are forced into buying the super version of the video cards that they want or a similar upgrade. There is a serious backlog on regular cards.

    Their cloud/data/wholesale gpu arm should at worst be neutral but the long term default has usually been positive.

    I have trailing stops $365-$385 but I'll most likely be out 100% Friday morning regardless of price.
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    I don't see how they beat. I suppose the work from home industry that services rendering & virtualization. Crypto mining is deadish for GPUs & people aren't buying new gaming rigs on economic fears.
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    Crazy drop. Its right near its ath. It could crush est's and fall $20 just to let some steam off
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  6. Well, hopefully he'll be in the green and not BlacknBlue after this trade.

    But to hafez50's point, feels like you're walking on the high wire without a net.
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    But people are buying new rigs and they have GPUs... like me. I don't game but needed something to handle a nice monitor and got an NVDA graphics card that could do so with multi monitors. Didn't even own anything besides a labtop before and now have a huge setup in my den and many more will stay the same. I have relatives working for tech companies who will be working from home for next 6 months atleast.
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    Oh, ok, NVDA will surely rally because you built a rig
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    a very solid company.

    But why do you want to buy some more when the price has already gone up from around 15 to 350 ( ie 20x increase)?
    You should be closing some position & taking some ( or rather very huge) profits.
    And leave some position open for potential upside.
  10. I'm a breakout trader so I'm fine with buying near all time highs. Price of a stock increase from $15 to $350 isn't relevant. I'm buying a stock on a short term dip which has outperformed the market YTD and I believe it should continue to outperform around earnings + outlook.

    Regarding I don't have a net - I'll be partially short an index but haven't fully decided on nasdaq or dj.

    People ARE buying gpu's which is why inventory is very low with long backlogs on common gpu's.
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